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Fish Skull Shrimp & Cray Tails


Shrimp & Cray Tail: this innovative product by our friends at Flymen Fishing Company imparts wiggle and motion to your flies. No sales tax and low cost or free shipping with great customer service.

Adds a little weight to your fly:

Simple to secure to the head of the fly: but realistic portrayal of a crawdad or shrimp tail.

Trout and Bass love these Shrimp and Cray tails: field trials have proved that flies tied with these brass tails catch fish. They make fantastic bonefish flies (see video below) simple to tie on and they fish great!

Fresh and Saltwater applications: these tails make great flies for all environments where a little weight and motion improve the effectiveness of a fly pattern.

Small and Medium are 20 per package, large comes in 15 per package

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