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Scott Swing Rods


The Scott Swing Series of rods was designed to meet the pursuits of anglers worldwide. Each model of Swing Rods meets specific needs and preferences of anglers in the modern world of fly angling. From indicator fishing in Alaska to launching 100ft scandi bombs the Swing Series has a well thought out weapon.

Scott Swing Rods span the rang from single handed models 9ft 8" 7wt all the way up to 16ft 1" 10wt.Swing rods have progressive loading actions and fast recovery speeds, things we have come to love about Scott Sector and Centric models. Swing rods possess great directional stability and a balanced feel. Outstanding components like titanium tangle free stripping guides with silicon nitride inserts and snake brand universal snake guides keep lines of all types screaming to targets. A Scott designed fully milled aluminum reel seat with aggressive threads for cold hands, type 3 hard coat and specially milled reel foot pockets that securely hold both modern and vintage reels. All Swing Series rods are hand crafted one at a time in Montrose Colorado USA.

Model Descriptions courtesy of Scott Fly Rods.

Scott Swing Line Recomendations

987/4 Light=180grains, Heavy=250grains

988/4 Light=210grains, Heavy=290grains

1184/4 Light=270grains, Heavy=325grains

1186/4 Light=375grains, Heavy=450grains

1286/4 Light=375grains, Heavy=450grains

1287/4 Light=450grains, Heavy=525grains

1387/4 Light=450grains, Heavy=525grains

1288/4 Light=525grains, Heavy=575grains

1389/4 Light=575grains, Heavy=650grains

1419/4 Light=575grains, Heavy=650grains

12810/4 Light=650grains, Heavy=725grains

14810/4 Light=650grains, Heavy=725grains

15110/4 Light=675grains, Heavy=750grains

16110/4 Light=675grains, Heavy=750grains

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