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Scott Fiberglass Series Fly Rod


Scott F2 Fiberglass Series delivers top performance and maximum fun from your small stream fishing.

All Scott Fishing Rods are Handcrafted in the USA Š Built from beginning to end in Montrose, Colorado.

Scott F2 Fiberglass Series are crazy light in hand, cast delicately and launch when you need to.

These rods are ideal for dry fly fishing on small to medium water.

Some of ScottÕsFiberglass Series rods unique features include:

Scott Hollow Internal Ferrule: with continuous taper and smooth progressive action. „ Proprietary S2 high performance fiberglass epoxy composite: offers a faster recovery and greater feel. „ Lightweight Accurate

This is not your grandfatherÕs fiberglass rod. Give it a try and it could easily become your go to trout rod.

The Scott Fiberglass Series offer a Full flex profile with a Medium recovery speed

Some series model highlights

This series offers some of ScottÕs lightest rods available. The F2 602/3 is the smallest and lightest small stream rod which can load and form loops with just a foot of line. The leader and place flies accurately in the tightest spots. The F2 653/3 is a great choice for high performance small stream fishing that requires every trick in the bag. This rod might be the most fun youÕll ever have fishing for the little ones. The longer rods in this series offer the ultimate high performance creek fishing tools. Join many Scott employees in owning the F2 702/3 as it is a blend of balance, casting precision and feel.

The Scott Fiberglass Series full range details:

scott f2 fiberglass models

Scott fly rods are designed for high performance and are built to last a lifetime. However sometimes things donÕt go as planned and if you ever do break a rod, donÕt worry, Scott Fiberglass Series rods come with an unconditional lifetime warranty. Scott has a dedicated repair department made up of their best rod craftsmen who take great pride in restoring and rebuilding your fly rod to their original condition.

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