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Rio Fluoroflex Trout Tapered Leaders

The Rio Fluoroflex Trout Tapered Leaders are crafted with longer, moderately firm butt tapers to deliver excellent leader loops and fly turnover preserving the ability to make a soft layout of small dry flies. These are tapered leaders, for all waters where fluorocarbonÕs low visibility and stealth provide advantages fishing wary fish.

Guide Reviews, Video, and Sales on Rio Fluoroflex Trout Tapered Leaders Rio's solution to trout anglers who want the advantages of virtual leader invisibility.

Unique features: One hundred percent Fluorocarbon monofilament provides virtual invisibility to trout or any fish species.

Material: Full-on Fluorocarbon monofilament.

Hand tied perfection loop: Yes, Rio gives us the loop to make connection easy as pie.

Tippet characteristics: Supple, extended butt taper for great fly turnover. and strong for the diameter.

Lengths available: Rio Fluoroflex Tapered Trout leaders are available in 9 ft. lengths.

Knot Strength: Excellent balance between diameter, break strength and knot durability.

Tippet Diameters: Available in 7x to 0X class diameters.

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