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RIO Flies Streamer Assortment


Streamer fishing involves big flies, an active retrieve and an aggressive grab. Streamers often get the attention of larger trout, and the RIO Streamer Assortment of proven patterns will up your game. We recommend fishing these on at least a six-weight rod.

RIOs Trout Streamer Assortment includes 12 of the best, and most versatile streamers. This assortment includes the following flies:

1. Blonde Leech - Cream, Size 8

2. Brunette Leech - Brown, Size 8

3. CH Bow River Bugger - Black/Olive, Size 4

4. CH Bow River Bugger - White, Size 4

5. CH Olive Blossom Special - Olive, Size 4

6. CH Olive Blossom Special - Olive, Size 6

7. CH RL JJ Special was- Brown/Yellow, Size 4

8. CH RL JJ Special - Brown/Yellow, Size 6

9. Red Head Leech - Olive, Size 8

10. RIO's Precious Metal - Kreelex Copper, Size 4

11. RIO's Precious Metal - Olive, Size 4

12. RIO's Tractor - Brown/Yellow, Size 4.

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