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Airflo Trout PolyLeader


Airflo Trout PolyLeaders

The Airflo Trout is a general purpose Polyleader that will be useful to virtually all trout anglers.

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Airflo's most basic and versatile freshwater tapered Polyleader.

Key features: This is our favorite all-waters trout leader.

How to choose leader length: The 5 ft Polyleader, with your tippet of choice, is perfect for rough waters, pockets around boulders, and small stream trout fishing. We use the 10 ft Trout Polyleader when fishing larger rivers and lakes.

Tippet Options: You can add level or tapered mono or fluorocarbon tippet to these Polyleaders.

Core strength and tippet compatibility: 12 Lb mono core. We usually use tippets in the 4 lb to 8 Lb range for our trout fishing, depending on fly size and trout size. These will cast any size and type of fly well, turning it over nicely.

Leader Length: 5 ft or 10 ft - and then you add your tippet to this Polyleader with a perfection loop or surgeon's knot and you're ready to fish.

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