New Scientific Anglers Magnitude Clear and Clear Tip Saltwater Lines in stock.(details)
If you are looking for a stealth advantage on the flats check out the new Sci Angler Magnitude series of lines. Available in Smooth and Textured Magnitude Bonefish Plus, Grand Slam, Infinity and Tarpon Tapers all with clear tip or full clear options.

RIO Flies Permit Assortment


The RIO Flies Permit Fly Assortment will help you tackle the challenging Permit. Permit are hard to catch on a fly - notoriously spooky, very picky eaters, and extremely hard fighters when hooked. Their diet generally varies between shrimp and crabs, which means that any angler targeting these majestic fish needs a general selection of both. With RIOs Permit Assortment you will be prepared for every Permit fishery across the globe no matter what their food of choice is that day.

RIOs Permit Assortment includes 7 very effective permit flies, which include the following:

1. Avalon Heavy Tan, Size 2

2. Avalon Light Tan, Size 2

3. RIO's Kahuna Crab Olive, Size 1

4. RIO's Kahuna Crab Tan, Size 1

5. RIO's Liquid Courage Shrimp, Size 1

6. Woolly Crab Olive, Size 4

7. Woolly Crab Tan, Size 4.

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