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Redington Rise III Fly Fishing Extra Spool


Purchasing an extra spool for your Redington Rise III Reel is a great way to be versatile and efficient while on the water.

Extra spools provide a way for us to change our tactics quickly on the water without packing an extra rod. The angler that is willing to adapt and change their tactics at any given time will always be more successful in the long run, and extra spools often help us achieve that.

You can have one spool with your standard floating trout line and another with your intermediate sinking line for the lakes. Or, you can have one with a floating steelhead taper while the other is a sinking tip line. Whichever way you choose to use your Redington Rise III Spool, it will allow you to change your tactics at any given moment, or simply have multiple setups without purchasing multiple fly rods.

The Redington Rise III Spool is a CNC machined, anodized 6061-T6 aluminum fly spool. Translating that to English, it is made out of some of the highest quality aluminum on the market. You can trust the materials that this spool is constructed with. It is a highly durable spool and will last over many years and many fish because of this.

The Redington Rise III Reel features a U shaped large arbor which allows for quick line retrieve. Twin molded ergonomic handles on the spool make your grip easy and comfortable as well.

Available in all three colors to match the reels.

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