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Rainy's Wonky Pop Fly Assortment


Rainy's Wonky Pop is truly a unique and remarkable fishing catching machine!! You get 6 Wonky Pop Flies in size #1 in this assortment, a fantastic value.

It is made from a dense cupped foam popper head tied on a short shank and then connected to a rear hook and tail on a hinged articulated rig for optimal lateral and horizontal movement in the water. When stripped (popped) in the water, this fly slightly dives and then pops back to the surface spitting water forward while at the same time offering crazy movement in the tail just like a real wounded baitfish or other prey. With longer strips you can also get this fly to walk the dog, but with even more wiggle and lateral movement with its hinged head. The foam head is also coated in epoxy for optimal durability. You get 6 great colors with this assortment to cover all your bases. From warmwater species like Bass and Pike to Saltwater species like Bluefish and Stripers, this is a great topwater assortment to have. You get one (1) of each of the following colors with this assortment: All Black, All White, Pink/White, Purple/White, Red/Yellow, Blue/White. Al tied on premium stainless Gamakatsu hooks.

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