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Rainy's CB Fish Head Diver Fly Assortments


This assortment is your ultimate Big Game topwater diver assortment! You get 5 Rainy's CB Fish Head Diver Flies in size 6/0 in this super value assortment.

You get five of Rainy's signature Checker-Back Fish-Head Divers in a variety of colors to chase anything from Pike and Musky to Roosters and GT's. A favorite for Redfish too! These are all tied with an epoxy coated dense foam diver head with stainless 6/0 hook to really get into the big boys!!! This fly floats on the surface until it is stripped or animated and then it dives into the water making all sorts of splash and commotion before it rises back to the surface ready for another round of teasing. Easy to cast than their traditional counterparts with the lightweight foam head and tail materials that shed water fast. You get one (1) of each of the following colors with this assortment: Purple/White, Pink/White, Blue/White, Red/White, and Green/Chartreuse. All tied on premium stainless hooks.

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