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Rainy's CB Bass Popper Fly Assortment


Rainy's CB or checker-back popper is a great all-around popper for all varieties of bass, panfish, trout, and other larger warm-water species. You get 3 proven CB Bass Poppers in this assortment.

For years bass poppers were tied almost exclusively out of trimmed deer hair which can become soggy and fall apart. This was one of the original foam head poppers designed by legendary fly tying pioneer Rainy Riding. It is tied using Rainy's signature Foam Bass Pops for a head which is made of 60# density foam for durability, a cupped face for optimal popping sound and water displacement on the strip as well a marabou and split hackle tail and rubber legs for optimal movement and profile on the waters surface. The head is also painted and textured with realistic eyes and body markings and then coated in 2-ton ultra-clear epoxy. It also has a weed guard to help keep the fly from snagging. You get one (1) each of the following colors with this assortment: Hot orange, Olive/Yellow, and Chartreuse. All in size #8 on premium bronze Mustad Bass hooks.

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