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Pro Sportfisher Microtube | Tubefly System Pro Micro Tube


The Pro Sportfisher Pro Microtube is a key component of our Tube Flies: remember that these tubes fit with all Pro Cones, softdiscs, and ultra sonic discs. No sales tax, and low cost or free shipping.

Package contents: 12 pcs.

Size/weight specifications: 31mm (about 1.5" overall lngth (tying surface is about 1.0"); 0.9 grams

Please note that you will need a Pro Tube Flexineedle to hold the Pro Tube Micro Tube all the Pro Tube tubes. We have worked with all of these products and believe that the Flellxineedle is by far the best mandrels for the Pro Tube tubes; the tubes are tuff, durable, and the Inside Diameter is such that it mounts best on the Pro Tube Flexineedle.

The Microtube by the folks at Tubefly System offer the function we appreciate with relatively short tying surface coupled with use of looped on stinger octopus style hooks like the Gamakatsu hook we so depend on.

Note that all of the Pro Tube Tubefly weights and cones fit perfectly on these Micro Tubes, just as they are compatible with the Flexi Tubes. Complete interchangeability is a good thing, yes?

The tying surface of the Pro Tube Tubefly System Micro Tube is 1.5", and we find that this gives us plenty of room especially when using long wiggly rabbit, craft fur, ostrich, and marabou as the steelhead and salmon enhancers that we tie o these tubes.

Slip the Micro Tube into the Pro Flexineedle, tie the fly with or without Flexi weight or bullet weights, and finish off with a cone or disk head.

To fish this beauty, 1) add a Pro Tube Tubefly System Hookguide on the nubby end of the Microtube; 2) thread your leader rigged with a double surgeons loop or Uni non-slip loop knot, with an octopus style hook, usually somewhere from a #1 - #4 (salmon or steelhead appropriate); 3) slide the knot into the silicone hook guide; and 4) you are prepared to get the pull, grab, bite, strike or nibble.

Pro Tube Microtube: Tubefly System Micro Tubes

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