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OUTCAST PAC Series Fishing Boats

OUTCAST PAC series Pontoon rafts are excellent fishing boats - providing access to small to large lakes, spring creeks and larger rivers; fishing waters untouchable by bank-bound anglers.

The Caddis fly Shop advises anglers Guides who depend on OUTCAST PAC Series boats throughout the year; allow us to recommend the best boat and accessories to meet your fishing style.

These OUTCAST PAC series fishing boats feature the highest material and manufacturing standards in the industry, you may find lower prices in other brands but you will not find comparable quality.

OUTCAST PAC 800 This pontoon is 8 feet long, and it has 16 inch tubes; a real winner in the smallest pontoon in the highest quality bracket.

OUTCAST PAC 900 This pontoon is 9 feet long, and it has 16 inch tubes; a little rocker makes this a great small lake and stream boat.

OUTCAST PAC 9000 This pontoon is only 9 feet long, but it has twin 10 inch tubes; the best boat in its size class with quad tube design, ideal for lakes and gentle rivers, where the low profile design is superior in especially in windy conditions.

OUTCAST PAC 1000 This pontoon is 10 feet long, but it has 18 inch tubes and will allow you to fish rivers with modest rapids as well as a wide variety of lakes.

OUTCAST PAC 1200 This pontoon is 13 feet long, but it has 20 inch tubes and will allow you to fish with a friend or single guide client in some pretty gnarly whitewater rivers. We always advise caution, but this PRO series pontoon is a winner for the two angler team on many but the roughest of waters.

OUTCAST PAC 1300 An amazingly stable, 13 foot long by 68 inch wide all around inflatable boat, with a full half ton load rating. The oarsperson in the center can fish clients standing in front and to the rear of the rower position.

OUTCAST PAC 1400 This is the GRAND DADDY of the PRO series OUTCAST inflatable boats that is designed to fish two anglers with the oarsperson in the center. Swivel seats in all three positions and stability braces for the two angler positions. This boat is 14 ft long by 72 inch with 19.25 inch tubes; the load capacity of this boat is 1150 pounds.