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Outcast PAC 1300 Inflatable Fly Fishing Boat


OUTCAST PRO series PAC 1300 inflatable fishing boats can be launched in remote locations and can handle rough water providing anglers access to great fishing waters: NO SALES TAX, and FREE domestic SHIPPING on most Outcast rafts from the Caddis Fly Shop

Our Caddis Fly Shop staff have extensive experience with guides and clients who fish the PAC series of inflatable fishing boats. We can help you choose the best boat and appropriate accessories, delivering all in prompt fashion.

These OUTCAST PAC 1300 inflatable fishing boat features the highest standards in the industry, with a 10 year warranty.

One oarsman maneuverers one or two passengers-clients who can sit or stand to fish in front and rear of raft. The PAC 1300 fishing boat can be anchored in quiet waters or pulled ashore where anglers may spread out and fish in places not otherwise accessible to bank anglers.

Slide in and take out the PAC 1300 in locations where no standard boat ramps are available, making many waters accessible where hard hulled drift boats can not be safely or practically launched.

Questions? Please contact the shop via email or phone and we will be able to advise you on the features of this and the entire line of OUTCAST inflatable fishing boats, including delivery times and shipping costs to International destinations.

PAC 1300 Key Features:

Overall size: 68" x 13 ft

Tube diameter: 19"

Fabric: 1670 PVC

Fabric wt: 35/43 oz per sq. yd.

Seam construction: Welded

raft and frame wt: 225 Lbs.

Load rating: 1050 Lbs.

Frame: 10 pc steel

Anchor System: included

Motor mount: none

Recommended oars: 8 ft two piece

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