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Outcast Float Tubes

OUTCAST FLOAT TUBES offer a simple way to put most fly anglers on a wide variety of lakes and rivers. High quality, value priced performance will put you on fish and off the bank, FREE domestic SHIPPING on most items from the Caddis Fly Shop.

The Caddis fly Shop can deliver all of these FLOAT TUBES; we invite you to check out our delivery options and timing with a call or email and compare our service across the industry.

Depending on where you fish, one of these Fish Cat Float Tubes will get you offshore and fishing efficiently.

OUTCAST Trinity Float Tube If ultra light portability plus dependable quality are your goals, the Trinity is your first choice. At only 7 pounds, the Trinity still features 13 inch tubes, 300 pound load rating, and is 41 x 54 inches. The BEST, light weight tube anywhere.

OUTCAST Fat Cat LCS The original OUTCAST Float Tube that sets the standard for value and performance. Heavy duty, 13 inch tubes, 45 x 54 inch size with 300 pound load rating.

OUTCAST Super Fat Cat LCS A few more features from the already great Fish Cat LCS make the Super Fat Cat a little more fun to fish from. Heavy duty, 13 inch tubes, 45 x 54 inch size with 300 pound load rating.

OUTCAST Fish Cat 4 LCS Rated a best buy, value priced and versatile Float Tube, the 12 inch tubes will handle anglers up to 250 pounds and is a great way to get started for the causal serious angler.

OUTCAST Fish Cat 4 Deluxe LCS Slightly upgraded from the Fish Cat 4 LCS, this float tube is fully inflatable, packs smaller, and is still a value priced and versatile Float Tube.

OUTCAST Prowler The Prowler Float Tube big boy of the OUTCAST Float Tubes, with a 325 pound load rating and 13.5 inch tubes. A full 64 inches by 54 inches makes this the most stable float tube of all.