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Fish Cat 4-LCS Float Tube


The OUTCAST Fish Cat 4-LCS Float Tube is the BEST ENTRY LEVEL float tube for calm waters fishing, and FREE domestic SHIPPING on Outcast rafts and float tubes from the Caddis Fly Shop

Our Caddis Fly Shop staff have personal experience with anglers and guides who fish most of the OUTCAST float tubes. We can help you choose the best boat and appropriate accessories, offering delivery in prompt style.

The OUTCAST Fish Cat 4-LCS float tube features the highest standards in the industry, from advanced technology materials and components; dependable performance; plus a 5 year warranty.

Packable at only 14 pounds the OUTCAST Fish Cat 4-LCS is an economical platform to fish remote places in style.

Modest priced and value packed: if you want to get your start tubing and are under 250 pounds, this is an economical way to get on the water and into the fish.

Knees out of the water: puts you in comfortable casting position, just another great value feature.

Questions? Please contact the shop via email or phone and we will be able to advise you on the features of this OUTCAST Fish Cat 4-LCS float tube and the entire line of OUTCAST inflatable fishing boats, including delivery times and shipping costs to International destinations.

OUTCAST Fish Cat 4-LCS float tube Key Features:

Warranty 5 Years

Overall size: 44" x 54"

Tube diameter: 12"

Fabric: 420 PC/500 PVC

Fabric wt: 30 oz pr square yard

AireCell material: Vinyl

Seam construction: sewn

raft and frame wt: 14 Lbs.

Load rating: 250 Lbs.

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