Get Ready for Summer Trout Fishing with new Tippet and Leader from Scientific Anglers and RIO.(details)
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Monic Advanced Trout Floating Line


The Monic Advance Trout (FKA Icicle) features a "Javelin Taper" that loads quick with positive turn over. The taper lends itself to a more delicate landing that benefits presentations when dealing with picky fish or technical fishing situations.

The Monic Advanced Trout's "slickening" agent is permanent as it is applied during the line manufacturing process resulting in a light texture that reduces friction for easy casting and shooting ability. Available in 4-9 weight options. 36' Taper is excellent for short to medium range nymphing as well as target shooting dry flies at all reasonable distances! Soft Straw-Yellow Translucent color is excellent visual for fisherman in all light conditions while being stealthy. Advanced Trout employs a supple and relaxed braided core that covers most cold to warm weather year around fishing conditions while also allowing a bit of shock absorption to protect light tippets to land more fish. Advanced Trout line is the Monic line that can go anywhere, anytime and perform on all Trout waters!

Weight: Built one half line size above AFFTA Standards. 5 weight example: First 30 = 152 grains/ Full head weight = 200 grains.

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