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Crystal Clear Liquid Fusion

Crystal Clear Liquid Fusion This is a water based, clear urethane glue that functions much like epoxy but does not require mixing, smell, or fear of gluing you scissors to the fly bench if you wait one minute too long. We use it to coat eyes, heads, and wing cases. It will stiffen materials like baitfish emulator or other wing or fly parts. Thinning with water allows for greater penetration on fly heads and wing cases. Letting it thicken will allow for quicker buildup on saltwater baitfish type flies. This material seems to shrink or be absorbed a little into the wing material on baitfish patterns and fly heads, so we have found that, fresh from the jar, we needed two coats on to build up a clear head and cover eyes on baitfish flies, whereas a two-part, 5-minute epoxy was thick enough to do the same with one coat. This product dries much more slowly than the 5-minute epoxies, so the fly & jig turner is an absolute must-have. Liquid Fusion may also be used to glue fly hooks to a matte for framing or mounted display, by putting a nice dab of the product on the matte, then laying the hook in the dab. The material will be visible but unobtrusive as it is clear, and this is a nice way for amateurs to display their flies. Remember, it may take over an hour for the dab to dry, so don't move anything until it is well-set.