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Jim Sens Steelhead Flies

Jim Sens custom steelhead flies.

Photographed right to left top and bottom.

When I fell (or maybe flew) into fly fishing and discovered the creative outlet of fly tying I knew I’d be in trouble. In my brief 4 years of experience, I have consumed as much knowledge about fly tying as I could find, which has lead to a merge of classic and modern styles. Steelhead flies have become a staple at my table, trying to find the perfect balance of strength for the fish of a 1,000 casts, while maintaining the delicate nature of a fly. What makes all the blood, sweat and tears worth it in the end is hearing about all the “fish of a lifetime” stories with my flies, so feel free to message me any time and brighten my day.

"Black and Blue Marabou Tube -added Nov 2018- This lightly weighted fly is great for casting and it has a ton of action thanks to the marabou. There is also a hidden hot spot just to add a bit of attention grabbing as it passes a steelhead. This fly is one of our very best local steelhead tube patterns. Easy to cast and fishes great.

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