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Hareline Dazzle Beads

Hareline Dazzle Beads.

20 Per Pack

Fly tying beads are one of the small pleasures in our life. Especially Hareline fly tying beads. Imagine fly tying beads on psychedelic drugs. Imagine fly thing beads in wonderful colors, Think about bright pearl white fly tying beads. Now go to metallic green caddis fly tying beads in your head. How about fluorescent orange fly tying beads as a follow-up. Let us finish off with a rich metallic red bead. Oh my goodness. It is a sad fact that these beads were not available especially in sizes from 5/64 to 5/32 in the good old days. That is because the days before the fly tying bead were really the bad old days just kidding. These Hareline Dazzle beads are countersunk to facilitate sliding the bead onto the hook. These colors are bright and true and the finish is durable. The little sizes are great for all sorts of nymphs and soft hackles we tie with beads for flowing and standing waters.

We tie with and fish a zillion fly patterns with Hareline dazzle beads because they attract fish and simultaneously help sink the fuzzy little critter and also we like to imagine our imitation fly wiggling up and down in the water thereby attracting fish to eat our fly instead of a burrito at the trailer parked in front of the Caddis Fly Shop.

Hareline dazzle beads are a great gift to fly tyers around our earthly solar system. Really.

Hareline dazzle fly tying beads deliver about the same heft of the Hareline Cyclops beads, however they are painted and enameled to present the most attractive colors to all species of fish. Tarpon love size #24 Griffith Gnats tied with Metallic Red Hareline Dazzle beads. Well, we do not know this for a fact but it could be true. So just in case, tie some Tarpon flies with these beads and see what happens.

NOTICE. Hareline offers many more kinds of fly tying and craft beads, barbell eyes, coneheads, in addition to these dazzle beads. We invite you to browse our fly tying materials catalog to examine over the variety of products including Hareline counter sunk tungsten beads, Hareline dazzle beads, Hareline Faceted Tungsten beads, Hareline faceted fly tying and craft slotted tungsten beads, Hareline slotted tungsten fly tying beads, Hareline tyers glass beads, Hareline slotted tungsten cone-heads, Hareline pupil eyed tungsten beads, Hareline tungsten beads, the fly tying and craft bead nabber, quad bead dispenser, the Hareline Push squeeze cap material tins, brass coneheads, Hareline Pseudo eyes, Hareline painted lead eyes, Hareline flat end tungsten hour glass eyes, Hareline brass eyes, Hareline aluminum sea eyes, and Hareline sunken barbell brass eyes.

Fly tying bead size chart: Bead to hook size chart or guide. 1/16 fly tying bead = Size 20, 5/64 fly tying bead = Size 18, 3/32 fly tying bead = Size 16, 7/64 fly tying bead Size 14, 1/8 fly tying bead = Size 12, 5/32 fly tying bead = Size 10 & 8, 7/32 fly tying bead = Size 6 & 4, 1/4 fly tying bead = #2

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