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Cascapedia Fly Fishing Reel


The Hardy Cascapedia Reel is made in the UK and features the classic S-Shaped handle.

The Cascapedia is a classic from Hardy. Its appearance is unmistakable and its sound is undeniable. It is now being made again in Alnwick, England and we currently have it in 4 different sizes, covering all of your freshwater applications from single-handed trout fishing to two-handed spey casting.

This England made classic features a full barstock aluminum construction and a classic click check sound. The two smaller sizes in the Cascapedia are perfect for your single hand fishing, while the two large models are your spey classics. The 4/5 and 6/7 have the classic click check drag system while the 8/9 and 10/11 have a disc drag system with an audible clicker to give it the classic Cascapedia sound.

Model Capacity
     4/5  WF5+75 yards 30#
     6/7  WF7+85 yards 30#
     8/9   WF9+190 yards 30#
 10/11   WF11+290 yards 30#

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