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Grizzly Half Saddle Patches


Grizzly Dry Fly Grizzly Half Saddle: these superior rooster saddles are long, narrow, abundant barbule count, and also have some web at the base of many flies. No sales tax and low cost or free shipping with great customer service.

Half saddles:

This allows our suppliers to provide more product to more tyers and reduce cost for each customer.

These tend towards colors most favored by steelhead and salmon anglers: but many of these colors and feathers will find a home on your steelhead flies, bass and musky flies, trout flies and saltwater flies also.

Fantastic Buggers can be produced with these grizzly saddles.

The availability of these grizzly half saddles may fluctuate: but we expect to have these on a regular basis so check back or call the Shop to see what our supply is like.

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