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Rush Light Fly Reels


The Rush Light Fly Reel strikes the perfect balance between quality and value, making it one of the best selling reels on the market today.

Think of this reel as a “less-machined out” Galvan Torque. It has the same drag system, but a different construction and overall weight.

For over a decade the Galvan Rush Light Reel has provided anglers with incredible dependency and performance on the water. Over the years, Galvan has reduced the weight, sharpened the appearance, and maintained the ruggedness that users loved in the original Rush prototypes. It is the perfect reel to buy for a lifetime of wear and tear, but also a fantastic reel choice for clients to use because the Rush Light can take a beating season after season.

The Rush Light is made with T6 solid bar stock aircraft grade aluminum. This aluminum is tempered to greatly increase its strength.

The Torque Drag System in the Rush Light is smooth and reliable with an unobtrusive single pawl click. The new and improved thermoplastic and carbon fiber discs require minimal lubrication and virtually no maintenance. The Torque Drag is simple and one of the best in the world for fish big and small.

Offering high-level quality at a mid level price, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the Galvan Rush Light Reel!

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