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Tacky Fly Dock 2.0


The Fishpond/Tacky Fly Dock 2.0 has space for 15 flies and offers superb holding power wen you want to swap or store flies almost anywhere.

The perfect addition to any pack, cooler, boat frame, or fly tying station, the Fly Dock 2.0 offers the improved holding power of Tacky silicone technology and space for up to 15 flies. Store flies of any size on hard surfaces with a durable, recycled polycarbonate component base and the supplied 3MTM Adhesive Strip. The included, adhesive-backed Velcroš strip can also be attached for use on Velcroš pads (adhesive to adhesive).

3.375x0.85x0.4in,8.6x2.15x1.1cm, 0.8oz,23g, Flies not included. Compatible with: fly tying vises, boats, kayaks, raft frames, dashboards, coolers, drop down fly benches on all packs, tackle bags and more.

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