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Trailer Rigs


Fair Flies customizable shanks feature one end with a round eye and the other end with a return eye, set 90 degrees from each other. A full 52mm allows you to tie long or short, at your desire! Matte coating on the stainless steel shank lets the thread grip the shank with maximum friction, a bond so tight, your hook will bend before the wire will slide off the shank when properly tied.

The wires are mono-coated stainless steel for durability, even in salt water. They have the perfect balance of flex and rigidity, so your hook flows realistically behind your fly every time. Plus, the pre-shaped crimp and bend allows for easy alignment of your hook and shank as you tie. These wires will thread the eye of your hook without a problem.

See detailed instructions inside your packages as needed.

Produced by Stealth, Innovation pioneered by Fair Flies.

One dozen shanks, one dozen pre-formed wires. Hooks not included.

Quantity per pack 12, Trailer Rigs, Shanks and Wires.

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