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Ewing Grizzly Saddles


Ewing Grizzly Saddles give your streamer patterns the realistic barring they need to attract fish .

In case you thought that all grizzly saddles were created equal, we’re here to declare that Ewing feathers are indeed distinctively different from any of the other high-grade rooster feathers you have seen, unless of course you already know about the Ewing feather characteristics.

Here is how we describe these feathers. Always nicely marked bars on the feathers, these are shorter on average than you would expect from Metz, Keough, and Whiting – and they are noticeably wider as well. These feathers are not your best choice if you want the narrowest, stiffest, longest feathers for size 14 and smaller dry flies, but these are SUPERIOR if you are tying wings on streamers and Intruder style flies. And also, the colors are very nice.

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