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Echo King Fly Rod and Airflo Skagit Compact Head


Echo King fly rod and an Airflo Skis designed for big Chinook and Atlantic salmon.

Echo King fly rods are Available for immediate delivery. These rods are in stock and ready to pack for your summer salmon (or any big fish) adventure anywhere in the world.

Leave it to our friend Timmie Rajeff to zero-in and create on an absolutely awe-inspiring Spey rod for anglers who are targeting King Salmon in flowing waters. Echo King fly rods are designed as a 13 ft. powerhouse, optimizing component weight, strength, casting performance, fish-handling ability, and reliability - plus a most pleasing array of cosmetic features. We recommend fishing these King rods with an Bauer Mackenzie Xtreme fly reel , or an Hatch Finatic 11 fly reel to prepare you for the most demanding fish fighting experiences imaginable. Fly lines by Airflo and Rio will fine tune to your casting style and put you in the ŮzoneÓ on any waters where big anadromous fish live. This means stripers too, so kindly read on.

Product Reviews and video on the Echo King rods, fishing applications, and fly line & fly reel recommendations.

Why design the King rod at 13 ft? The Tim Rajeff Spey rods at 9 wt. and 10 wt. - offered at 14 ft. and 15 ft. are also excellent performers fishing for big Chinook and Atlantic salmon. Tim was looking for a specialty Spey rod that will provide the optimum balance between tight loops, wind cutting line speeds, and butt strength that will (eventually) roll a deep bodied salmon over on its side in fast water.

Two King Rod weights. At 13 ft, the Echo King is offered in a 9 wt and a 10 wt. to suit a variety of conditions and angler preferences. Our Caddis Fly Staff are slightly more likely to reach for the 9 wt. unless they are expecting/hoping for 40-pounders. Make your choice accordingly; each of these rods is a winner.

If you choose the 10 wt. King rod, make sure you are up to the rigors of slinging Skagit heads in the 750 _ 780 gr range, with long heavy tips and heavy flies. This is serious fishing business folks, and it will work you harder than casting 570 gr heads all day long.

Fishing Applications. We drone on and on about fishing Pacific Northwest Chinook salmon, but the Echo King Spey rod is precisely suited to fishing monster Atlantic salmon in Norway's most spectacular private waters, South American feral Kings, and Kamchatka & Russian Far East rivers where big powerful salmon and swift rivers can join forces and strike you to your knees.

Specifications/Line Recommendations Chart: Echo KING

Model Length Line Weight Pcs Weight Action
KING-9130 13’ 9wt 4 8.2 oz Med-Fast
KING-10130 13’ 10wt 4 8.4 oz Med-Fast
Airflo Line Recommendations: Skagit Compact G2, NEW Skagit Scout, Skagit F.I.S.T.