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Simms Hardbite Star Cleats

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Simms Star Cleats hold their grip in the slipperiest conditions!

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The Simms Star Cleats add serious traction to your Virbram boots. Located in Oregon our shop has tested these extensively on the Rogue, Deschutes, McKenzie, Willamette and the ultimate test the N. Umpqua. Simms Star Cleats are the answer, they really work. Felt with studs, our traditional favorite, has nothing on a Vibram boot loaded with Star Cleats.

Simms Star Cleats are also cleaner than felt soles, cleaner in an invasive species sense and cleaner when you jump in an out of the boat. Simms Star Cleats easily screw in and out of Vibram soled boots.

The answer to traction! Walk up glass like Spiderman... Recommended 8-10 per shoe and sold in pack of 10.

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