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Echo ION-XL Fly Rods


Echo ION-XL Fly Rods Upgraded for 2016 deliver on Tim Rajeff’s eternal promise: produce superior castability, versatility, and durability at the most reas-XL fly rods step up to the plate with lighter AND less expensive - in fly rod options from 6 though 10 wts plus 10 ft options at line wts 6 to 8.

The new Echo Ion will deliver the goods if you are fishing anywhere in the world in rivers, estuaries, lakes, off the beach, or far out in the salty ocean.

2016 Echo ION -L Fly Rod Reviews: Tim Rajeff took an already great and dependable fly rod,

built it lighter (thusly more responsive); and dropped the price. Wow, now there is a concept! The essential action of the ION we already love is retained while the rod feels better to cast and play fish.

2016 Echo ION-XL fly rod actions are a smidge short of extra fast, making for an even more forgiving casting performance at all distances.

Here is what is different about the new ION XL lighter by about 20 percent; less expensive; the new gloss finish is sharp as can be; the rod has a more responsive feel - the blanks are lighter because the material is an upgrade so that they feel faster and crisper even though the action is the same. The rod will feel different because it is lighter.

Here is what has not changed: all saltwater safe components; the new ION is as super durable as the first two generations of ION rods were; lifetime warranty (best in industry in our opinion); one week warranty turn around (rarely needed); rod sock and square zippered cordura case; nifty dots on the shaft help align rod sections; dots also help align the reel seat; large size chrome stripper guides; the rod grip is cork full wells.

You may already have a use in mind for your new Echo ION-XL fly rod, but we will offer these recommendations from our pro staff to meet a variety of fly fishing scenes:

6 wt. Echo ION-XL This is our rod for trout anytime anywhere fishing any sort of flies from dries to streamers and nymphs. If you ever fish a six wt fly rod this is a great choice. The six wt 10 ft ION will perform wonderfully from float tube rod and as indicator rod it is very nice indeed.

7 wt. Echo ION XL This is the crossover rod that will bring you up close and personal with large trout, steelhead and modest size Atlantic Salmon. The seven wt 10 ft ION will cast far, mend long lines, and is a wonderful rod to fish damp and dry flies for any anadromous fish. Surf fishing? Absolutely on target too. .

8 wt. Echo ION XL this would be a great ION for anyone headed to Alaska. Then you could fish it for silvers and winter steelhead in the lower 48. East coast stripers and blues would be on target as would any bass you can name. This eight wt ION in the 10 ft length option will cast and mend lines at distance. Heavy nymph rigs? You betcha.

9 wt. Echo ION XL Fish Chums and modest size Kings with this ION and you will find it just right. Permit, a variety of saltwater species including the sneaky Snook, bold Barracuda, and remarkable Redfish would be perfect this rod.

10 wt. Echo ION XL Estuary Kings and lingcod in 80 feet of water. This big gun ION will cast shooting heads, RIO OUTBOUND lines, and the tarpon will have a devil of a time trying to shake your fly free when you are pulling sideways with theis rod. Huck it out, strip it in, and pull set when the big glamor fish eats your fly.

Here is the list of ECHO ION XL rod components and finish. Grey gloss rod shaft – composite cork accents at tip and butt of upper handle and butt of fighting butt provide durability but little weight - Reel Seats Feature light weight and anodized toughness – superior full wells cork grips on the shortest rods – Echo style Grey Rod Tube and interior sock - Echo provides a Cloth rod sock and square, Cordura-encased , zipper-ended rod tube – Tim Rajeff 20 inch trophy fish marker on each rod – ferrule alignment dots – oversized stripper chrome finish strippers – single foot hard chrome snake guides - Lifetime Warranty.

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