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Echo Carbon-XL Fly Rod


New for 2016 ECHO CARBON-XL Fly Rods: continuing solid light fly rod performance & low price make for a wonderful trout fishing companion

How does Tim Rajeff manage to do it? Our relationship with Tim and his staff at Rajeff Sports leaves us confident that this new Carbon will indeed be an upgrade from an already proven fly rod. This new Carbon is pure Echo and the price is even more reasonable than before. Echo Carbon fly rods cover the range from 2 wt through 6 wt, and are perfect for the smallest trout creeks to modest sized waters including lakes, rivers, and estuaries.

Echo Carbon Xl rods are an excellent choice for any angler seeking trout or similar sized fish with lines rated from two through six.

As before, the new Echo Carbon fly rods are a step up from the SOLO and BASE fly rods. The new CARBON is a very fine option any angler looking for a very modestly priced fly rod; whether as an everyday rod, a first rod; a backup rod, or a rod to fill an open seat on the team.

The new ECHO CARBON XL Fly Rod is roughly twenty percent lighter so the rod will feel more responsive. The Carbon remains an easy casting fly rod but it will feel crisper and faster, even though it retains the same action as the predecessor rod model.

New Carbon XL color: The former CARBON was a matte brown color. The new shaft is gloss hazelnut with matching carbon fiber reel seat. Ver6y nice.

These NEW for 2016 Echo Carbon XL Rods retain the original moderate to fast action and are still easy for almost anyone to cast: Come on folks, with rods in the two, three, four, five and six weight classes, the ECHO CARBON is an excellent offering at the price point.

Our recommendation for selecting an Echo Carbon rods for different fly fishing opportunities remain unchanged:

2 wt. Carbon XL At a mere 7 ft 6 in, this short and light rod is a joy to fish for the smallest trout and don’t forget bluegill in the backwaters too.

3 wt. Carbon XL If you fish small spring creeks or bouncing mountain rivulets, this is a very fine dry fly rod.

4 wt. Carbon XL With two rod lengths to choose from, these are very nice rods for smallish waters, modest sized trout and warm water fish.

5 wt. Carbon XL The 5 wt fly rod is universally considered the every water trout rod. From rivers to lakes to estuaries, one of these 5 wt Carbon rods will serve you well.

6 wt. Carbon XL This 6 wt rod a great choice if you expect to be fishing lakes, larger rivers, windy conditions, large dry flies, and streamer and any size of nymph rigs or egg patterns. .

Is the Echo Carbon XL a good choice for your fishing? Sure it is. You can pay more for a fly rod, but if you fish an ECHO Carbon you most likely will enjoy the experience.

Most appropriate weight fly Lines: These rods perform well with the standard trout floating lines offered by AIRFLO, RIO, SA, Cortland, and the other main line manufacturers. These rods do not require fishing heavier wt lines to load properly, so choose a WF or DT line to match the CARBON rod designation and you will be just right.

ECHO Carbon XL rod components and finish. Hazelnut glossy Rod Shaft – Composite Cork Accents at tip and butt of handle for durability without adding weight - Reel Seats Feature light weight brushed aluminum- traditional half wells or slimmed-down half wells cork grips on the shortest rods – Includes Rod Tube and interior sock - Echo provides a Cloth rod sock and square, Cordura-encased , zipper-ended rod tube – Tim Rajeff 20 inch trophy fish marker on each rod – ferrule alignment dots – hard chrome snake guides - Lifetime Warranty.

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