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Jigged TNT Nymph


The TNT Jig a phenomenal mayfly nymph. It features a slim body paired with a large bead to cut through the water and drop fast. Blue Winged Olives or Baetis are one of the most common and prolific mayfly species. Trout often key in on Baetis at all stages of their life cycle. The Tungsten Jig TNT Baetis is a deadly nymph meant to imitate the nymphal form of the BWO. The TNT Baetis has a hot spot and an oversized tungsten bead so your fly gets down where the fish are all year long. The TNT Jig Baetis is particularly good for us on the fringes of the season Nov-March. The PMD Version make a great searching nymph when PMD's are abundant. They area staple of many Western Trout's diets in the summer. Fish it under an indicator or throw it below a chubby.

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