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Thomas and Thomas Exocett Predator Fly Rods


Fly anglers seeking Musky, Pike and the full gamut of predatory on every continent routinely reach for the T & T EXOCETT PREDATOR to put big nasty bugs in the strike zone.

The EXOCETT PREDATOR is a beast tamer. This 9 ft 4 inch fly rod has the backbone to lift and cast the largest bugs on heavy floating Ines and fast sinkers from 350 to 500 gr.

Cosmetics? Among the best in the industry.

From northern Canada to the tropics, from giant stripers to taimen, the EXOCETT PREDATOR will deliver on every performance promise.

Built specifically for predatory fish, the Predator rods are designed for the likes of Pike, Musky, Bass and Tarpon. Slightly shortly at 88, these rods are built to cast sink tips and large flies with ease. With a quick transition from a softer tip to a very strong mid-section, they help pull sinking lines from the depths without the jarring effect so prevalent in rods that are fast all the way to the tip.


Length: 9 ft 4 inches

Longer fighting butt with Full wells grip to facilitate a close aboard figure 8 presentation

Rod tip to lift heavy sunk lines

Butt with serious lifting power

Line Class: the EXOCETT PREDATOR is an extremely versatile rod capable of casting floating lines with short heads and sink tip lines with heads from 350 to 500 grains. This allows the angler to attack different water bodies and species with the proper flies.

Hardware appointments include matte black roll stamped reel seat, gunsmoke colored RECoil snake guides, and black titanium frame stripping guides.

Includes aluminum rod tube with machined bar-stock aluminum collar and cap. Blue powder-coat with pewter Thomas & Thomas logo.

Here is what T&T has to say about the Exocett Predator.

Muskies and other Predators are often looking for a meal that pushes the limits of what a fly angler can feasibly cast, and targeting these fish with flies often takes Model hours or days of casting between opportunities. Fatigue can mean not having the fly in the water when your fish is ready to eat, or not being physically prepared to execute a hook-set at the critical moment. The Exocett Predator rod is specifically designed to meet these demands. Increased length of 9' 4" facilitates longer overhead casts and keeps the fly deeper on the retrieve. A powerful rod tip easily lifts wet flies from the water and supports loop shape while casting the largest flies behind 350-500 grain sinking and ultra- compact floating lines. The grip is an elongated full wells with a generous rubberized composite reinforcement on the higher impact upper grip. A large flare full wells and elongated fighting butt facilitate comfortable grip points to execute a boatside figure 8, and T&Ts proprietary Strato-Therm resin ensures Exocett Predator rods can absorb the most vicious boatside attacks. Hardware appointments include matte black roll stamped reel seat, gunsmoke colored RECoil snake guides, and black titanium frame stripping guides. Exocett Predator 450 Weights 94 164 grams, 5.86oz

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