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Thomas and Thomas DNA TroutSpey Series Fly Rods


The T&T DNA TROUTSPEY fly rod is far more than a scaled down two hander: this is a finely tuned Spey rod specifically designed to swing streamers, wet flies, terrestrials and even cute little mouse patterns across trout rivers worldwide.

The DNA TROUTSPEY is a finesse two hander; a pure delight to fish that every trout angler will appreciate. These 11ft 6 inch two hand fly rods cast short and long with obstacles at your back, fishing rather small streams to big waters, one of these light two handers will make you smile next time you swing it across a riffle.

The cosmetics are pure Thomas and Thomas craftsmanship: among the finest in the industry.

Built in the tradition of all T & T rods, the DNA Speys are incredibly nice to cast, and simply beautiful to look at. Built on a progressive taper, all of the models cast with an easy motion. The DNA Trout Speys fit in to the larger selection of T & T trout rods, using beautiful wood inserts, and an elongated cigar grip that are both functional and elegant.

Model 1163-4 The lightest in the bunch, the 3wt. DNA Trout Spey makes swinging for trout extremely fun without burning out your arms casting all day.

Model 1164-4 When you need a little more rod to cast a larger fly the 4wt. DNA Trout Spey doesn't compromise action for the angler. Super fun action and the sensitivity to feel the slightest tug.

Model 1165-4 The largest trout spey from T&T. Whether you're skating flies or swinging them the 5wt. DNA Trout Spey is ideal for trout and steelhead. Think Umpqua!


These rods have a progressive traditional taper and action to load well an still drive a fly respectable distances to reach across to the feeding lane.

Cast Skagit and Scandi lines with all the usual Spey casts, mend line like a champ too.

Four piece, multi-modulus graphite blank in classic T&T blue low-friction finish.

Spey grip with black milled aluminum down-locking reel seat.

Fuji stripping guides and Universal Snake Brand guides with green wraps with red edging.

Includes aluminum rod tube with machined bar-stock aluminum collar and cap. Blue powder-coat with pewter Thomas & Thomas logo.

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