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The Measure Net - Large - Telescopic Handle, Trout Fishing Net


This large measure net is hands-down our favorite for fishing from drift boats, because the long handle and large bag make it perfect to safely secure and release larger trout and small steelhead.

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The experts at the Measure Net company thought they would spice up the deal by making this large measure net extra fancy and suitable for even more boating and catch and release fly fishing net scenarios by giving it a telescoping handle in addition to its normal aluminum floating and durable properties. As with all of the measure nets we offer, this measure net is a great catch and release net. Fantastic.

This large Measure Net with telescoping handle will reach out to 42" and it will measure fish up to 28," making it perfect for the day-to-day small stream trout we catch here near the Caddis Fly Shop. Just kidding. This is the net for large trout in lakes like Klamath Davis, and Ontario, small steelhead on the Rogue River, sea, run cutthroat, small salmon, and what not. The large measure net is tops for all of these situations, you betcha.

The overall length of the large Measure fly fishing Net is 33-42".

The large Measure Nett length is about 16".

The width of this large Measure Net is about 10.5" at top.

The measuring tape in the bag of the large Measure Net reaches about 28".

Our staff fish these measure nets and highly recommend them, especially with the rubber net bag.

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