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Patagonia Sportswear and Technical fishing Clothing

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As a company, Patagonia has always been about pushing further and further off the beaten path and exploring the untouched and unknown. Its like how Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard put it: "When everything goes wrong-that is when adventure starts."

With that being said, Patagonia makes gear that you can count on when things don't go to plan, when the weather closes in, when the rivers rise, or when your tire goes flat.

Patagonia sportswear and fly fishing clothing is incredibly durable, functional, and dependable. It keeps you protected from the elements; whether it is the blaring hot tropical sun or the bitter wet-cold of winter steelhead fishing. When you purchase a piece of Patagonia sportswear or fly fishing gear, its the sort of item you expect to have for life. It is why we here at the Caddis Fly prefer Patagonia sportswear and outerwear to any other company when it comes to our fishing across the globe. ... view more