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Skagit Master 2: Steelhead Spey Fishing DVDs


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Skagit Master 2

Skagit Master 2: Steelhead Spey Fishing DVDs.

Oh-my-gosh, this fine new Steelhead fly fishing DVD will be available shortly, and the Caddis Fly will have a great supply of the juicy stuff just in time for Christmas, not to mention that This Spey fishing, steelhead crazy DVD will never ever go out of style.

Remember Skagit Master? Ed Ward. Iconic Spey fly caster and innovative angler. We loved that first Skagit Master DVD, and we love the second in the series even more, because it is packed with oodles and oodles of actual steelhead catching, in addition to the casting. Steelhead on the short cast, the long bomb, the surface and deep water presentations. Oh my gosh, this is the stuff that steelhead spey fishing dreams are made from. Scenery. Steelhead. Chromers. Intruders. Skagit Lines. Slick tail-outs. Boiling boulder fields. Jet boat rides. And Steelhead, did we mention that Scott Howell catches many many wonderful steelhead on his signature flies in Skagit Master 2?

This new Skagit Master 2 DVD was shot on BC rivers and in Oregon, it represents steelhead fly fishing and spey fishing at its unconventional best and is just plain mind-expanding, thought provoking, and to-drool-over steelhead fly fishing photo journalism. This Skagit Master DVD is purest art of swinging Intruders launched by Skagit Spey fly lines, swing shallow and deep, with short and long sink tips, some Scandi Spey heads thrown in and oh goodness this is a two hour session of steelhead action.

Skagit Master 2 and Scott Howell are part how-to-do-it and a huge dose of simple enjoyment watching a guy catch steelhead in places where we would like to do the same.

Whether you are gonna get on the list to get the first Skagit Master 2 in your circle of steelhead fly fishing friends, or wait until a week before your next steelhead adventure, the Caddis Fly will have your copy ready to rock.