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Silky Bunnybou Strips

This special breed of rabbit has hair that is soft, dense, and undulates like crazy in the water. 2 Foot long strips!

These strips are from Rex Rabbits, have extremely dense fur; the hair is slightly shorter than white-eyed rabbit and there are no guard hairs. Wrap these strips around a hook shank or Superbraid and it will stand up smartly at right angles, producing a strong profile and lots of undulation in the water.

Bunnybou Strips These are amazing. Virtually no guard hair, this hair is a little shorter than the standard rabbit hair on hides, but it is very much more denser. This means that when wound around a hook shank, it really stands out straight, and when twitched in the water, the hair really pulsates. These strips can be used as bushy tails, for Zonkers, and for double bunny flies. Tan and flesh colors are surely Alaska Bound. Chartreuse, orange, pink, and purple, and black are worldwide salmon and steelhead favorites. White? Everywhere.