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Sage Bulk Rod Cases

What to carry several fly rods in a single tube? Of course you do, and this is a great SAGE option to consider for the task at hand.

Caddis Fly Reviews of the 2014 SAGE BULK Ballistic Nylon Rod Tubes.

Single rod tubes accommodate fly rods as long as 15 ft, so you really have your bases covered with these extra jumbo rod tubes. Fly Rod Protection is a prerequisite to travel, no debating this point.

All of these Sage Ballistic Nylon Rod Tubes are new for 2014 and merit your serious consideration.

Key features of the Sage Ballistic Nylon BULK ROD TUBE components and finish.

*Black Ballistic Nylon

*Shape: round

*Diameters offered: 4 inch and 6 inch inside diameter

*4 inch diameter BULK rod tube Lengths offered: 33 inch, 42 inch, and 48 inch

*6 inch diameter BULK rod tube Lengths offered: 33 and 48 inches

*Capacities: 33 in tube holds up to 10 ft 4 pc rods; 42 in tube holds up to 12.5 ft 4 pc rods; 48 in tube holds up to 15 ft 4 pc rods

*Zipper closure

*Nylon interior dividers

*Identification Ease: One end cap is perfect for your name and contact info.

*Endcaps are reinforced

*Shoulder Straps

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