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Euro Nymph Leader

Rio Euro Nymph Tapered Leader is both a no brainer and a welcome newcomer specially designed to make life simple when delving into the arcane world of European Nymphing.

Offered in but a single configuration, these Euro Nymph Tapered Leaders are terrific companions that will make nymphing more effective

and allow you the dedicated angler to concentrate on your fishing instead of devoting hours on end crafting your own custom leaders.

If you have even a little familiarity with high stick nymphing you are likely to note the advantages of these leaders immediately.

Guide Reviews, Video, and Sales on Rio Euro Nymph Tapered Leaders:

NEW FOR 20156/16 The Euro Nymph Leader is a product long needed by anglers who have been honing skills at close quarter nymphing without strike indicators.

Several Unique features of the Euro Nymph Tapered Leader:.

An opaque white tapered leader enhances visibility and strike detection.

the milky white leader is tapered to 0X, and hand tied to 22 inches of Rio Indicator tippet material.

The terminal end is finished with a trout size tippet ring: this allows and requires the angler to add his or her own final tippet to adapt to the fish size, water conditions, and flies you will fish each day.

If you plan on fishing nymphs in the high stick, no indicator, Euro style we can frankly recommend this as a MUST-HAVE addition to your stock of tapered leaders.

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