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Rio Bonefish Tapered Leaders: 3-Pack

The Rio 3 Pack Rio Bonefish Tapered Leaders are the general application choice for Bones and other saltwater flats species. If you fish Bonefish, these are an especially economical choice and uses less packaging so it is eco-friendly.

Guide Reviews, Video, and Sales on Rio 3 Pack Rio Bonefish Tapered Leaders _ RioÍs tapered leader specifically intended for flats fishing and flies.

Unique features: Larger diameters for any given break strength proves that Rio knows that toughness is as important as all-fly leader tippets when you are Bonefishing or anywhere on the Flats

Perfection Loops: Rio provides these for you n each Bonefish leader in this 3-pack..

Material: Medium stiff nylon copolymer monofilament. Good ability to achieve strong knots plus abrasion resistance and fly delivery stiffness.

Tippet characteristics: Firm strong tippets, extended butt taper for great fly turnover; cast all sizes of flats specialty flies.

Lengths available: Rio Tapered 3 Pack Rio Bonefish leaders are available in the most popular size: 10 ft. length.

Knot Strength: Excellent balance between diameter, break strength and knot durability.

Tippet Diameters: Available in 8 _ 12 lb. class diameters.

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