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Redington TOPO Complete Fly Fishing Rod Outfit

Redington offers a new means of taking the plunge into fly fishing with an all-seasons, all waters fly fishing outfit - the TOPO. This 9 ft 5 wt combo outfit has everything you need at a great price for an excellent fly fishing package.

Reviews and sales of Redington TOPO fly rod outfits.

This fresh Redington fly fishing outfit is a wonderful package to introduce anyone to the joys of fly fishing. Rod, reel, backing, line, leader, six trout flies in a fly box, spare tippet, and nippers with a full year warranty - just add water and fish!

Redington TOPO Rod Actions: Fast: easy to cast short and long, and in wind and calm conditions.

What are some great features of the Redington TOPO outfit?

Great for Trout The 9 ft, 5 wt fast action fly rod is the most easily recognized trout rod, worldwide. It is easy to cast for all but the youngest beginning anglers.

Smallmouth Bass? This TOPO outfit will fish smallmouth bass flies too, and there are plenty of places where this would be the species of first opportunity.

Panfish too: Plenty of slow rivers and farm ponds have more bluegill and perch than have trout in them. The TOPO is in the power range that it is fun to fish for any trout-size fish one may find around the world.

Is the Redington TOPO mainly a ŮstarterÓ fly rod? Yes, and it is a great way to get started, with everything needed to fish the very first day out on a lake or river.

Would the TOPO make a good gift? You bet it would. This is perfect for the gift giver, because it is complete and assures that the receiver will be able to fish right away instead of needing to purchase more accessories before he or she even hits the water.

Redington TOPO Warranty: This outfit is covered by Redington's one-year warranty. We have found Redington rods and reels to be very dependable performers.

What items are included in the TOPO package? the rod is a Redington TOPO 9 ft, 5 wt fly rod. The reel is a Crosswater by Redington. The reel is pre-spooled with a Rio Mainstream floating fly line (plus backing), the universally useful 9 ft tapered fly leader, a pure Redington fly box with 6 popular floating trout flies, a spool of Rio leader tippet, and leader nippers.

How about a rod case? Yep, Redington even provides a nice fabric covered case to protect rod with reel attached.

The TOPO is light and strong. the design features of the TOPO are based on the most popular and most effective time tested characteristics of fly rods fished worldwide. This is a rod that will please and perform.

Crosswater reel features This is a simple to use, lightweight, and dependable fly reel. It even has what is referred to as a large arbor spool that makes line retrieval simple plus a disk drag to adjust the tension on the line as a fish is allowed to run out into the lake or river.

Reel Seat: carbon fiber reduces overall rod weight.

Cork handles: The TOPO has a genuine cork handle.

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