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Redington Sonic Pro HDZ Waders


The Redington Sonic Pro HDZ Wader is a heavier duty, upgraded, and more durable version of the very popular Sonic Pro Wader, with a waterproof TIZIP zipper.

When the Sonic-Pro Wader hit the scene, it was immediately a hit due to its comfort and durability at an affordable price. Redington has stayed true to what the Sonic Pro Series waders are all about, from the price tag to the construction, the Sonic Pro HDZs can withstand the roughest conditions and not tear your wallet apart.

This is a high-quality, zippered wader for $750. Other, high quality zippered waders on the market are double this price. Need I say more? I will anyway:

First, lets talk about Sonic Weld. Redington uses sonic welding for their wader seams to create seams with a no sew construction. This greatly reduces wear, because typically on waders, the first leaks begin happening at or around the sewn seam. The seams are also articulated for increased mobility, as well.

TIZIP Zipper. It is amazing the kind of comfort a waterproof zipper can bring to a wader. Not only is it comfortable and adjustable for long days on the water, it makes it so much less of a hassle to relieve yourself, and for convenience sake you cannot beat it.

The Sonic Pro HDZ Waders are made with a four-layer waterproof, breathable fabric. 3.5mm neoprene booties with 4mm bottoms are both comfortable and durable. From the hip down, the leg is reinforced with a thicker fabric to protect this high-wear area.

These are great waders for year round use. They are great for warm conditions because they keep you dry and protected, and during the winter you can wear them with a capilene tight or fleece pant and stay warm and comfortable all day.


Redington Sonic Pro HDZ Waders come with two sided fleece lined hand warmer pockets for cold days, and all pockets have water resistant zippers. The center chest pocket is water resistant, and an integrated tool doc is there to assist you with fly changes and much more.

Wading Belt included.

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