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Redington Path II Rods

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Redington PATH II fly rods - Prompt Delivery and FREE shipping with NO SALES TAX from the Caddis Fly Shop

Redington knows fly fishing from farm pond Bluegill to Salmon: the new PATH fly rod series delivers the tackle we need for little and large fish in freshwater and salt, keeping economy minded fly anglers on target with dependable gear, worldwide.

Why make your Redington Purchase from the Caddis Fly Shop?

For one, we know Redington products for their quality and performance. We carry a great inventory of Redington rods and outfits in stock. Then also, we offer superior customer service regarding all of your fly fishing and fly tying interests, deliver the tackle promptly, with NO SALES Tax and free shipping.

Caddis Fly Reviews of moderately fast action Redington PATH II fly rods.

The Redington PATH fly rod is a very dependable and versatile fly rod option; moderate action casting capability, fresh and salt designs, two and four piece construction in rod wts from 3 through 9.

Recap of Redington PATH II fly rod components and cosmetics.

2 and 4 piece rods: your choice, suiting the tastes of every angler.

Redington Lifetime Warranty

*Rod action: moderate easy in the hand, easy presentation to trout in rivers, creeks, and lakes. The taper of the Redington PATH fly rod shaft is tuned into the performance capabilities of graphite composite and designed to deliver relaxed and precise fly placement. Power when you want it, precision when you need it. Versatility all the time, day in and day out. In just the right measure.

*Fresh and Saltwater durability provided by an anodized reel seat

*Fighting butt: Path rods in line wts 7, 8, and 9 have fighting butt handle configuration

*Base thread trim color: matching and close to transparent

*Rod Tube details: Black cloth rod tube for economy and pure function.

Suggestions for Redington PATH fly rod applications:

Two piece 590-2, 890-2: The 590-2 is your perfect all around trout rod while the 890-2 opens up your world to steelhead and saltwater species such as bonefish.

Four Piece 376-4; 490-4; 586-4; 590-4; and 690-4: All make for great freshwater fly rods for anything including trout and bass to catfish and carp. The carp are smart, so they will recognize your Redington style, darn sure they will.

Four Piece 790-4; 7100-4: These sing of summer steelhead and Atlantic salmon, yes they do.

Four Piece 890-4; 896-4; and 990-4: Anything from winter steelhead to salmon to bonefish and permit, maybe even baby tarpon, if you can get the right guide. Snook and Redfish are in the crosshairs of these saltwater safe rods too.

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