Get Ready for Summer Trout Fishing with new Tippet and Leader from Scientific Anglers and RIO.(details)
We have a huge selection of the very best tippet and leader from RIO and Sci Anglers. Update your kit today.

Redington Field Kits


Redington Field Kits offer anglers a high quality complete fly fishing outfits. Field Kits are next level outfits that include everything you need to hit the water with quality gear.

Available outfits are Trout, Bass, Salmon, Tropical Saltwater and Coastal Saltwater. Each kit comes with a 9ft medium fast action 4 piece rod, Redington Run Reel and a RIO Premier Fly Line. Each kit has a cordura rod and reel case for easy transport.

Just let us know which hand you reel with and we will rig the outfit with backing line and leader complete for you at no charge.

New for Spring of 2022 two new superb field kits. Trout Spey with a 10ft 3wt Redington Rod, Run Reel, Euro Leader and a Trout Spey setup with an 11ft 3inch 4wt Redington Spey Rod, Run Reel, Skagit Line, two M.O.W tips and a skagit leader. Both of the preceding outfits come with rod reel cases and are "just add flies and water" outfits.

The Salmon Field Kit includes a 9ft 8wt Redington rod with a Redington Run 7/8 Reel, RIO Premier RIO GRAND fly line and a 9ft 20lbs tapered leader.

The Tropical Saltwater Field Kit comes with a fast action 9ft 8wt Redington 4 peice rod, Redington Behemoth Reel, RIO Premier Bonefish Quickshooter fly line and a 10ft 12lb tapered leder.

The Trout Field Kit comes with a 9ft 5wt Redington 4pc rod, Redington Run Reel and a RIO Premier RIO GOLD fly line along with a 9ft 4x tapered leader.

The Redington Coastal Coldwater Field Kit comes with a medium fast action Redington 9ft 9wt 4pc rod, a rugged Redington Behemoth Reel, RIO Coastal Quickshooter intermediate sinking fly line and a 7ft 20lbs striped bass tapered leader.

The Redington Bass Field Kit comes with a medium fast action 9ft 7wt 4pc Redington Rod, a Redington 7/8 Run Reel, RIO Warmwater Quickshooter fly line and a 9ft 10lbs tapered bass leader.

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