New Salmon Fly and Golden Stone Patterns in Stock and Shipping Now. We have you covered for the Salmon Fly Hatch.(details)
Burkus Bearback Rider Stone, Morrish Still Stone, Morrish Fluttering Stone, Clarks Lady Stone, Fools Gold, Water Walker, Norm Woods and more. We have a ton of adult stonefly patterns for 2023.

Redington Claymore Spey Rods


The Redington Claymore Two - Handed Rod range was designed to handle the needs of any waters "battlefield." The Claymore Two Handed rod series contains fast action powerful rods that are super affordable given performance and componentry.

The Claymore Two handed family will cover any run you might find yourself in. Claymore Rods feature a down locking reel seat for improved balance and Polymer Pinch Grips for increased line control. The Claymore's light, powerful and lively action makes casting a two hander more enjoyable and less of an activity that has you worn out by the end of the day.

The Claymore family of rods are built with premium grade cork handles, polymer pinch grip section for increased line control, anodized aluminum down locking reel seats, section tips epoxy coated to prevent sticking, fully protective Cordura rod tube with dividers and a lifetime warranty.

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