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Redington Classic Trout Rods

Redington knows fly fishing in general, and specifically, they know TROUT: this Classic Trout fly rod series is a winner with nine different 4 pc and two 6 pc rods that fall well within the range of budget minded, performance oriented anglers worldwide.

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For one, we know Redington products for their quality and performance. Then also, we offer superior customer service regarding all of your fly fishing and fly tying interests, deliver the goods promptly, with NO SALES Tax and free shipping.

Caddis Fly Reviews of moderate action Redington Classic Trout fly rods.

The Redington Classic Trout fly rod is a very sound option; these rods will deliver comfortable casting and an enjoyable fishing experience for trout fly anglers plying the rivers and lakes of the world.

Recap of Redington Classic Trout fly rod components and cosmetics.

4 and 6 piece rods: easy to pack, easy to carry, easy to set up with the help of shaft section alignment dots, and easy to fish too.

Redington Lifetime Warranty

*Rod action: moderate easy in the hand, easy presentation to trout in rivers, creeks, and lakes. The taper of the Redington Classic Trout fly rod shaft is tuned into the performance capabilities of graphite composite and designed to deliver relaxed and precise fly placement. Power when you want it, precision when you need it. In just the right measure.

*Rod shaft color: on the dark brown side of the color spectrum (we see this color is Clay in the Redington Dictionary)

*Snake and tip guides: Titanium Oxide stripping guides

*Base thread trim color: matching and seemingly invisible

*Cork handle details: finely shaped, slimly tapered, high grade cork grip Rosewood insert and machined hardware

*Rod Tube details: Ballistic Nylon rod tube with interior section divisions for each rod section.

Suggestions for Redington Classic Trout fly rod applications:

*276-4: 2 wt 7 ft 6 inch fly rod. The lightest of the Redington Classic Trout fly rod series line, this is a must have rod for the lighter side of our trout fishing adventures. Leave the indicators and weighted nymphs home folks, and be content placing your dries, wets, and soft hackles in the dissipating raise rings of big and small trout alike. 2.1 oz.

*376-4: 3 wt 7 ft 6 inch fly rod. This is a great 3 wt for small waters where you just might find larger trout; fish dries and wets, hoppers and the smallest streamers to have a ball with trout and pond fish. 2.3 oz.

*386-4: 3 wt 8 ft 6 inch fly rod. Redington figured out just how to pack the proper amount of backbone into a long 3 wt; a feat not to be taken for granted. Truly a beautiful economical three wt rod for all waters and seasons. 2.5 oz.

*480-4: 4 wt 8 ft 0 inch fly rod. When you just barely need to step up from that wispy 3 wt, fishing smallish rivers and creeks, this is your best choice in the Classic Trout series. Swing them soft hackles in the Deschutes or Klamath too. 2.5 oz.

*486-4: 4 wt 8 ft 6 inch fly rod. The middle of the 4 wt Redington Classic Trout rods, this is the no compromise needed rod when a five wt is too much and a 3 wt is too little 2.6 oz.

*490-4: 4 wt 9 ft 0 inch fly rod. This is the longest 4 wt in the Classic Trout series, great for reaching out on longer casts, dapping over grass lined river banks, and still enjoying the finesse of a light rod. 2.9 oz

*586-4: 5 wt 8 ft 6 inch fly rod. Want a 5 wt to push heavy buggy flies into the wind or maybe chuck lead eyed Clousers along brushy banks? This five wt, with slightly shorter shaft, will handle the job under pressure. This Classic Redington Trout rod is a great popper bugging rod for bass too. 2.7 oz.

*590-4: 5 wt 9 ft 0 inch fly rod. Any man or woman, child, teenager or grandpa can not go wrong with the strategy of stocking the Tornado Shelter with three dozen versions of the 9 ft 5 wt fly rod. Make sure you have this one in the bunch. May need it some day. 2.9 oz.

*690-4: 6 wt 9 ft 0 inch fly rod. The Classic Trout fly rod in six weight will stand by you fishing lakes as well as rivers, wets, dry flies and nymphs, and will fish indicators throw streamers and do it all with a moderate action cast that is pleasant all day long. 3.0 oz.

*380-6: 3 wt 8 ft 0 inch fly rod. If you travel and want to travel light, this is the 6 piece fly rod for the Chalk streams or tiny mountain rivulets where you may stop between the big important company meetings. Or maybe it is a panfish rod to throw in the pickup truck just in case. 2.8 oz

*590-6: 5 wt 9 ft 0 inch fly rod. This is the six piece version of the every angler, every water trout rod. 3.1 oz.

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