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Pro Flexi Beads


Finally! The Pro Flexi Bead solves the challenge of finding beads that fit on tubes!

These brass beads are available in two different sizes and five extremely "steelheady" colors. This bead will open up many tube fly options while at the vise, and will allow you to simply add weight to your fly as opposed to the cone + drop weight system that we have been using these past few years.

Bore I.D. 2.25mm's. They will fit Pro Flexi tube, Pro Micro Tube, Pro Nano Tube and Pro Classic Medium.

Sizes are 5.3mm's (small) and 6.3mm's (medium).

They are heavier than competitors Brass in equivalent sizes and lighter than Tungsten by design. I weighed a pack of our (12/pack) 6.3mm's size at 160 grains, then through a Spirit River (25 pack) 6.3mm's size at 200 grains.

Primer coat, 5 coats of paint and 2 clear coats for the ultimate protected finish...ready for sink tip and Skagit line work...blah, blah, blah!

2 sizes: - small 5.3mm's...0.45 grams...12 per pack - medium 6.3mm's...0.75 grams...12 per pack.

5 colors: -Gunsmome Metallic -Blue Metallic -Chartreuse -Ultra Orange -Hot Pink

Weight comparisons: The Medium size Pro Flexi Bead is the same weight as the Pro Raw Weight Small and the Large Flexi Bead is the same as the Pro Raw Weight Medium.

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