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Pro Sportfisher Hookguide | Tubefly System Pro Hook Guide


The Pro Sportfisher Hookguide is a key component of our Tube Flies, and the Caddis Fly Shop offers a full selection of these silicone Hook Guides in a wide variety of color finishes, with prompt shipping, no sales tax, and low cost or free shipping.

Package contents: 12 pcs.

The Pro Tube Tubefly System Hook Guide is a hook holder that is durable, flexible, removable, available in fish attracting colors or "strike points" that salmon and steelhead tube fly tyers and fishers rant about.

The Hook Guide of the Pro Tube System is silicone and will fit a large range of hooks. Ring eye hooks slip right into these Hook guides and stay put. The large size holds the hooks we fish for salmon and steelhead in sizes 1-6, at least, depending on the hook design and the small Pro Tube Hook Guide is roughly matched to # 6-10 hooks.

What we especially like about these Pro Tube Tubefly System Hook Guides is that they are particularly well suited to use with a looped-on octopus style stinger hook that we use on our long, trailing hackle Steelhead and Salmon Intruder flies. The flexible opening on of the Pro Tube Silicone Hook Guide is smaller than the opening of a Pro Tube Flexitube. Because the opening is both smaller and flexible, the Silicone Hook Guide will hold the knot (double surgeonÍs or Uni-non-slip loop-knot).

The Pro Tube Hook Guide will fit nicely on all of the Pro Tube Micro Tubes and is useful for tying flies with ring eyes that are seated closely to the fly as well as trailer style stinger hooks that are positioned well behind the body of the tube fly, ideally at the very tail-end of the wing or trailing flash material. This distance positioning option can reduce the likelihood of short strikes, at least we think it does, and that is a big part of fishing with confidence.

Pro Tube Hook Guide: Tubefly System Hookguide

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