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For nearly 50 years we have been supplying fly tiers with high quality supplies to create fish catching flies. It all starts with fly tying thread. Make sure you have a good stock of the right thread for the job in 2024!

Pro Sportfisher Flexineedle


The Pro Sportfisher Flexineedle is a required component to tie our Tube Flies, and fits with the Flexitube, Microtube, and Nanotube plus the medium Classic Tube; with prompt shipping, and low cost or free shipping.

Pro Tube Flexineedle: Tubefly System Flexi Needle size Large is our most popular size and works with the vast majority of Pro Tube tube fly supplies.

The Pro Tube Flexineedle is availble in 3 sizes; Small, Large and now XL, and is virtually essential to use the Pro Tube Flexitubes and Mini Tubes. The Small Flexineedle features a smaller tang to better fit some vices. The new XL Predator fits the Classic Predator XL tubes. It is designed specifically to work with Classic Large and Classic Predator XL tubing. This needle is longer and much stiffer for better stability when working with big flies. These Pro Tubes do not fit well on our HMH tube mandrels.

This is the Pro Tube adaptor that securely holds all of the Pro Tube tubes. The Flexineedle is flat in the rear and round in the front where the Pro tube slides on and wedges into position so that it will not spin while you are tying your tube fly.

The Pro System Flexineedle will fit securely in the vast majority of fly tying vises. We use these Pro Tube Tubefly System Flexi needles in our Dyna King, Regal, Renzetti, Thompson, Griffin, Stonfo, Norvise, and our Griffin economy vise.

Small Needle...must on Classic Small...works with 40/40, Micro and Nano along with Classic MD. Large Needle...Most popular...Works w/ 40/40, Micro, Nano, Classic Medium along with most other tube brands. XL/Predator Needle...works with Classic Large and Classic XL/Predator. Really the only needle for XL/Predator tubing.

Basically, this simple Pro Tube Tubefly Flexineedle system adaptor will fit your vise, more likely than not.

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