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Guidewater Backpack


The Patagonia Guidewater Backpack is a favorite pack for fly fishing travel. The completely waterproof and submersible Guidewater Backpack is just the right size to hold what you need in terms of carry-on the plane storage and when you get to your destination the backpack becomes an awesome boat bag and waterproof fishing pack . We got to demo this newly designed product for fall 2021 in Colombia and the Seychelles and it's without a doubt the best waterproof backpack we have used.

The Guidewater Backpack is fully submersible and made from 100% recycled fabrics. The backpacks back panel and shoulder straps are made from hydrophobic materials and do not absorb or retain water. A left or right hand net scabbard is integrated into the back panel for easy, out-of-the-way net stowage with either hand.

The newly designed Guidewater Backpack has an internal organizer pocket for smaller items and the same pocket can be transferred to become and external pocket. An internal sleeve is perfect for a laptop. The backpack is compatible with the Patagonia Convertible Vest or Wader Workstation. If I had to have one piece of fishing luggage the Guidewater Backpack would be the choice and it's not close. Available in Ink Black and Pigeon Blue, approximately 30L in size.

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